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Farmer’s Market in Winnsboro Sells Delicious Homegrown Foods

Monday, June 26, 2017

Nothing tastes better than a fresh vegetable salad, meat from a local butcher, cheese and butter from a nearby creamery and delicious treats made by local bakers and artisans. You simply can’t get goods and produce this fresh and high-quality from a big grocery chain, however, you can at the Winnsboro Farmer’s Market. Held year-round, locals know the secret and shop here regularly to augment what they buy at the grocery store. Whether you are making a special meal or want to eat healthy, our local farmer’s market makes it possible to do so.

The market is open 10 to 1 in the winter and 8 to 12 in the summer, plus there are fun events for the family throughout the year.

Stop on by and discover how fabulous your favorite meals can taste with fresh, local ingredients.


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