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Tectron’s Commitment to Quality Combines with Winnsboro’s Positive Business Climate

Monday, July 03, 2017

In business for over forty years, originally from Canada, Tectron manufactures leading products in air, hydraulic and electrical components, and systems for the transportation equipment industry. There are a lot of places that Tectron could have built their latest warehouse and production facility but they chose the business-friendly climate of Winnsboro, Texas. Tectran is best known for their ingenious tractor-trailer hook-up lines but continue to seek ways to broaden their product reach by listening to the end-user and keeping customer’s convenience at the forefront.

Winnsboro has a reputation for being an excellent place to grow your business because we make it easy and our workers are skilled and ready to help. With Winnsboro’s incredible work ethic, businesses can hire new employees and see results right away. Since 2009, Tectron has been a growing employer in the area and their products are top-notch.

Watch some of their demo videos.


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