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Discover Rich, Real Milk By Buying Fresh Off the Farm at Jersey Girls Milk

Monday, July 31, 2017

When you buy milk at the grocery store it isn’t always the freshest, and based on the philosophy of Jersey Girls Milk, it’s not the same as drinking raw milk. Store-bought milk is often full of hormones, antibiotics and more. Jersey Girls Milk, on the other hand, is from cows that are left to graze in the field when not being milked, eating a diet of grass exactly like they are supposed to. This means that Jersey Girls’ milk cows are healthy and produce higher-quality milk for you to drink. All their milk is rBST and rBGH free  – not to mention it tastes amazing.

Along with their fresh milk, you can also purchase butter and crème from Jersey Girls Milk on a farm right outside of Winnsboro. Trust us – it’s fantastic.

You can reach them here.


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